Seany Lopez

Intermedia Director
New Media Artist

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Sean Lopez (b. 1986) is a director of intermedia performances, videos, and installations. His artwork is influenced by dreams and the thin line that separates our subconscious from our waking life. Lopez draws on movie screens, designs studio stages, performs characters, utilizes computer software, and records endless video footage. Using poetry, storytelling and staged interactions with performers, his work explores the relationships between myth of self and the profanations of human interaction with pre-history, psyche, essence, and culture. Sean is currently pursuing their PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Maine, and in 2021, he earned his M.F.A. in Studio Art: New Media Arts from the University of North Texas. His most recent performance, he had  the privilege to do the opening and closing performances at the Currents Art & Technology Festival in Santa Fe, NM. For this event, he incorporated body performance, choreographed video projection mapping, hand-drawn illustrations, large scale canvases, and 21st century poetic parables.