My artistic practice shapes more than my thought processes, it shapes the very space in which I exist. Strewn about my studio, are CRTs, first-generation flat screens, audio samplers, Hi8 cassettes, camcorders, costumes, constructed stages, masks, fabrics, SD cards, digital and analog projectors, these same devices combine to power the production of my “expanded cinema” and “personality development theater.”

Who controls how the collective unconscious is narrativized and historicized? This eternal question has always found its hidden answer in dreams and poetry; a phenomenon that belongs equally to cinema, theatre, and media arts.  My art productions are a remix of these artistic traditions, a hybrid-media artform that develops stylistic links to dramaturgy, filmmaking, visual arts, and digital media. Storytelling and image making have continuously affected the development of the human psyche and my aim is to externalize these ephemera.

As an artist and director of intermedia performances, video poetry, soundscapes, and installation, I articulate a personal vision of expanded cinema. This is all to ensure the longevity of my research and practice, which are deeply concentrated in the development of image events and performances of what the artist Stan VanDerBeek called “movie murals” and the “newsreel of dreams.” My art practice produces a variety of combined processes into an intermedia arts theater. It is devised of my drawings, scrawls and video on movie screens. As well as designed minimal stages and installations for fictional characters that I embody in masked and costumed performances. It is a production of audio and visual interactions with technology and an underlying desire to live inside myth.

My consumption and appreciation of visual art has always been inextricable from its medium and method of cultural circulation and production. I imagine media as humans’ construction of mythical identities inside culture and self.  My performances, installations, and videos are representations, imaginings, and profanations of contemporary culture and landscape. They are my artistic response to historically, politically, socially conditioned and mediated primordial storytelling. It is the artistic pursuit for control and freedom within human imagination. Where does the image situate itself? Tell its story? It is a journey to a deterritorialized trajectory through media and all its strewn technology.